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Perpetual Education Fund Service Mission

On October 24, 2005, I received a call as a part-time, Spanish-speaking Church-service missionary for the Perpetual Education Fund (PEF). At that time, I had five callings: (1) PEF missionary, (2) family relations teacher with Teri, (3) scout committee chairman, (4) Evergreen board of trustees, and (5) the Church Combating Pornography Committee.

I worked at the PEF call center in the Conference Center, which served the countries in Central America and some in South America. Our responsibility was to call those who had received loans to encourage them. We called them once a month while they were in school. When they completed their studies, we got them in touch with local employment centers to be sure they got jobs. Later, if they defaulted in payments, we would call to find out their situation and encourage them.

I was released from the PEF mission in May 2006.