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Senior Missions

  • Teri served a service mission as a temple worker at the Jordan River Temple. Since I was in the stake presidency, President Jerry Hunt authorized me to set her apart on September 8, 2021. She served until we left on our senior mission to South Africa in May 2022.
  • Ever since considering a mission, Teri and I had been impressed that at some time we would serve in Europe. In September 2021, Elder Erich W. Kopischke was serving as the first counselor in the Europe Area Presidency. I contacted him to explore the option of serving as the area executive secretary because Elder Kopischke and I had worked so well together in the Priesthood and Family Department. However, by that time, another person was already called to begin service in July 2022. I then contacted Elder Christoffel Golden who was serving as president of the Africa South Area, and he warmly welcomed us to serve with his presidency.