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Larry L. RichmanLarry Richman (born 1955 in Brigham City, Utah) is a social media expert, Internet strategist, publishing executive, project management trainer, and author of over a dozen books, numerous book translations, and articles in professional journals and magazines. He is a translator in three languages. For more information, see

Online strategist and social media professional

Richman is an online strategist1 2 3with a specialty in using social media in product marketing. He is currently employed by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) to plan, evaluate, and market the church's educational materials to members and leaders worldwide. He innovated the use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social technologies to supplement traditional communications channels within the church.4

Since 2006, he has written daily articles at, his professional blog about LDS Church materials and using social media and technology responsibly. The blog has a total reach of 75,000 from 168 countries.5

Richman directed the content and services of, coordinating with all the websites of the LDS Church, such as,,, and He was the domain portfolio manager of the church’s hundreds of web properties with tens of thousands of web pages (plus millions of pages of documents in the Gospel Library in many languages). LDS Church websites are visited by over 25 million people each month.6 Richman directed a redesign and rebuild of from 2004-2007, implementing XML, metadata, and taxonomy standards, a content management system, web portal server technology, new web search tools, and a strategy for Search Engine Optimization.7

Project management

Richman is a certified PMP (Project Management Professional), consultant,7a and trainer. He has authored seven books on project management, including two college texts.

Richman directed the Publications and Media Project Office at the LDS Church that manages the creation of 8,000 printed, media, and web products a year in up to 185 languages. This included managing the projects for writing, editing, translation, production, printing, and international distribution in 105 offices worldwide.8


Richman directed the processes and systems for print and web publishing at the LDS Church.

He is the President and CEO of Century Publishing, a custom media publisher based in Salt Lake City, Utah. It publishes books and other media in English and Spanish on topics including religion, social issues, business, biographies, and children's books. Founded in 1981, Century Publishing was previously known as Richman Communications and Richman Publishing. The name was changed to Century Publishing in 1995.9

Author and speaker

He has authored over a dozen books,10 several book translations (in English, Spanish, and Cakchiquel,11) and has published articles in professional journals and magazines.12


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