Car crushed in Guatemalan earthquake 1976

Work Camp Patzicía: Where are they today?

The purpose of this page is to give an update on those who served in Camp Patzicía in 1976. Learn about the work camp of LDS missionaries who served after the earthquake in 1976.

If you have updates for this page, please contact Larry Richman. Larry has specific contact information for many of the people on this page. A great place to find missionary companions is at

Read the story "My Experience as an LDS Missionary in the Guatemala Earthquake of 1976," part 1 and part 2.

That was then:

The "Camp Patzicia" crew

The "Camp Patzicía" crew.

This is now:

On December 28, 2002, nearly 27 years after the earthquake camp, several from the camp held a reunion in Salt Lake City at the home of Victoria Wheatley Schmidt.

Camp Patzicia reunion in 2002

Top row (left to right): Larry Richman, Greg Sansom, Gary Larson, David Frischknecht, Garth Howard, Greg Martin, Taz Evans, Victoria Wheatley Schmidt. Front row: Dennis Atkin, D Warnock, Fred Bernhardt.

Photos and Information Then and Today

Luis Manuel Argueta
San Miguel, El Salvador

The last letter I (Larry) sent to Luis' address in San Miguel was in February 2001, but I received no answer.

On April 21, 2001, Rick Craycroft ( reported that Luis was one of two branch presidents in San Miguel in 1977. "I served in his branch, he was a very fun guy. He had plans to go to the University in San Salvador. From then I don't know any more."

Dennis Atkin
Vernal, UT

Dennis and Beverly Atkin at the reunion 28 Dec 02.

Dennis is a school principal in Vernal. Children: Dennis, Crystal, Daniel, Emily, David, Dallin, Daron, Renae

Update from Dennis in April 2010: It was good seeing updates since our earthquake crew reunion in 2002. Beverly and I have 8 children now. So far, I have had sons serve missions in Uruguay (Dennis working in Portland, Oregon with his wife), Oaxaca, Mexico (Daniel just graduated from BYU to go to Chiropractic School with his wife and 2 children), and Tulsa, Oklahoma (David going to USU with his wife). We have two married daughters - one living in Twin Falls with 5 children and one in Logan with 2. Dallin hasn’t served a mission yet. Daron will graduate from Uintah High School this year and will begin attending BYU in the fall. Renae is a freshman. I have great memories of the time we spent together although my heart still races when the ground seems to shake. Take care – Dennis Atkin

Fred Bernhardt

Fred and Jill Bernhardt at the reunion 28 Dec 02. They have four boys.

Randy Ellsworth

Elder Randy Ellsworth when he returned to the mission after the earthquake

Elder Randy Ellsworth when he returned to the mission after the earthquake

Hi Larry,
I was hoping you could post this on the earthquake site. I'm very sorry about Garth and other losses I briefly read about while scanning through your earthquake website. I have been currently married since August of 1978. We have five children. My number 2 (girl) just graduated last week from Boston University in linguistics. She is headed for a mission probably Aug or Sept. My third (also a daughter) just finished her first year at BYU-Hawaii. She is majoring in teaching English as a second language. My son is now a senior in high school and my last daughter is an incoming sophomore here in Orem where we have lived for the last 12 plus years.

I am an eye surgeon here in Provo/Orem and owner of Excel eye centers. I have kept in closest contact with Julio Salazar, Darrell Martin, Lance Standy, Gary Larsen and Hugh Biesinger. I've seen Taz and Larry and Dave from time to time. Despite the distance I've also kept up with Fred as well. I had the privilege of doing Lasik on one of his sons a year ago.

Even though I was taken away from Patzicía back in Feb of 76 for my 6 month holiday at George Washington Memorial Hospital I wanted to let you guys know that I really felt like I missed out on that club Med camp you had in Patzicía after I left. My favorite picture is the one I've seen from time to time with Julio covered with grunge from head to foot walking with an azadon over his shoulder and Elder Choc de par en par. As bad as I felt for Elder Choc back then, maybe he got the better end of the deal. Who knows.... Good luck to you all, 
Sincerely, Randy

Taz Evans
Gilbert AZ

Taz Evans at the reunion 28 Dec 02. Taz is a  lawyer. He and his wife have four children.

Message from Taz on 4/10/2006: Greetings all. I think about you guys more often than you would guess, but especially over the weekend with the news about Garth. Greg Martin and I stayed at Garths house a couple of years ago when we had that reunion at sister Wheatley's house and had a great time catching up with him. I continue to be impressed at how our shared experiences in the mid 70's have tied us together for all these years, even without a great deal of communication. I think of you all as my brothers. I hope you and your families are well. Me, Kathy, Karlie (and Bryce) Jennie(and Jordan and their new baby, Afton,) Alyssa and Olivia are all doing well. I would be interested in getting a short update from you all. Sincerely --Taz

David Frischknecht

David and Nancy Frischknecht at the reunion 28 Dec 02. They have five children. They served as mission president in the Guatemala City North Mission 1990-93. David works for the Church. He has been the managing director of the Translation and Curriculum Departments. He is currently the Director for Temporal Affairs in South Africa.

Family picture taken Oct 2001

Hyrum & Cleo Fromm

Gladys and Bleak Powel and Cleo and Hye Fromm at the mission home in Guatemala City

Gladys and Bleak Powel and Cleo and Hye Fromm at the mission home in Guatemala City.

I received the following e-mail from the Fromm's son, Hyrum Fromm, Jr. on March 7, 2007:

Hello, Larry.
This is Hyrum Fromm, Jr.
I was just browsing the internet when I found your page from earthquake 1976, and saw that you were looking for information on my dad and mom.
My father passed away in December of 1988. He was 80 years old at the time, and surrounded by loved ones. Cleo (mom) married a nice gentleman by the name of George White a couple of years later, and he too passed away. And now mom is married yet again to another wonderful man named Doug Rutherford. They are both residing in Great Falls, Montana, and are both loving life and each other.
My parents both had fond memories of the time they spent in Guatemala, and of all the folks there. I enjoyed seeing their picture on your site!
Thanks, and may God bless you all.

If anyone is interested in calling her, or sending her a letter, she can be reached at:
Cleo Rutherford (Fromm)
6001 2nd Avenue North
Great Falls, MT 59405
(406) 771-8112 Home
(406) 799-1620

Garth A Howard 


Garth and Tammy Howard at the reunion 28 Dec 02. At that time, Garth was President at Convergys.

Garth Howard passed away suddenly at his home on April 5, 2006 of heart disease.

Obituary for Garth Arden Howard
 Lived Well, Laughed Often, Loved Always Garth Arden Howard beloved husband, father, and grandfather passed away suddenly at his home of Heart Disease. He was 51 years old. Garth was born February 26, 1955 in Rexburg, Idaho to Merrill William and Joyce Hale Howard. Garth grew up on a farm in St. Anthony where he developed his strong work ethic and a love for the outdoors. He attended South Fremont High School and later served a full-time mission in Guatemala-El Salvador for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. After his mission he met the love of his life Tammy Elsmore at Ricks College. They were married in the Idaho Falls Temple for time and all eternity on January 6, 1978. He earned his Bachelors of Science degree at BYU and received his MBA at the U of U. Garth served in many capacities in the LDS church including that of Bishop but his favorite calling was in the Nursery. He loved nature and to run within it. He accomplished one of his greatest goals Labor Day 2005 when he finished the Colorado Springs Marathon. Garth had a great enthusiasm and passion for life. He had a way with people and cared about everyone he met. He had a propensity for inspiring others and was constantly on the road to Self-Mastery. Garth truly lived an exemplary life and was a great role model to all he came in contact with. Garth is survived by his wife, Tammy, and their 4 children, Heidi (Don), Heath (Lori), Hollie, and Houston; four grandchildren, Kaylee, Brayden, Logan, and Landon; his mother Joyce; eight siblings, Mont, Mark, Susan, Jean, Bruce, Daris, David, and Janet; and many aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, and nephews. Proceeded in death by his father Merrill, brother Lee, sister-in-law Nansi, and brother-in-law Craig. Visitation will be on Monday April 10, from 6-8 p.m at Jenkins-Soffe Funeral Home 1007 W South Jordan Parkway South Jordan, UT and on Tuesday April 11.

Cathy Hyer Rodriguez
Nampa ID

On 21 April 01, Rick Craycroft ( that Cathy "married Edgardo Rodriguez, a Bishop from Santa Lucia, El Salvador. They and their children live in Nampa, Idaho and own Microclean, a janitorial supply company. Bishop Rodriguez was a bishop in one of my areas. A few years later, My wife and I were going to a Spanish session in the Boise Temple when I saw him, he has very distinctive gray hair. We got to talking and up came his wife, the former Sister Hyer, whom I had met in El Sal' also. We see them about once a year."

Larry spoke with Cathy on the phone 25 April 01 at Microclean and sent her a letter.

Martha Johnson 

Larry wrote to Martha's address in Mesa, Arizona in February 2001, but it was returned "Not deliverable as addressed."

Gary W. Larson
Salt Lake City, UT

Gary and Joni Larson at the reunion 28 Dec 02.
Gary is a realtor in Salt Lake City.

Boyce & Carol Lines

The time the Lines' spent in Guatemala was always to them one of the highlights of their lives. They have three living children who, with their spouses, visited the Lines' after their mission and saw the Patzicía area. Those who labored with them remained very dear to their hearts through the rest of their lives. The Lines' have since passed away. Elder Lines died very suddenly, in apparent very good health, in August of 1996 and Sister Lines died after a bout with cancer in December 1998. They both lived very active lives right to the end, anxiously involved in Church service. After Guatemala, they also served as regional representative in Colombia.

If anyone wants information about the Lines', they may contact their son, Richard Lines at 1909 W. Relation, Safford, AZ 85546. E-mail:

Greg Martin
Glendale, AZ

Greg Martin at the reunion 28 Dec 02.

Wife: Stephanie. Children: Staci, Josh, Rachel, Jeff, Jessica, Zach

I graduated from BYU in 1979 and went to So Cal where I met my wife. I went in the Air Force in 1980 and was active duty for 5 years. I am now a Major in the Reserves. I have been in purchasing (currently with American Express) since I left the Air Force. I have lived in NC, TX, OH, CA TN, AZ and now I live in UT. I have been a moving fool. I keep in touch with or have talked to Evans, Standifird, Frischknecht, Richman, Larson, Ellsworth, Howard, Call, and Martin.

Elder Bleak Powell & Sister Gladys Powell

Gladys and Bleak Powell at the church in Patzicia

Gladys and Bleak Powel and Cleo and Hye Fromm at the mission home in Guatemala City

Gladys and Bleak Powel and Cleo and Hye Fromm at the mission home in Guatemala City.

Bleak passed away and Gladys lives in Texas.

Geraldine Pulham Jones
Provo, UT

Geraldine Pullam

Husband: Robert. Children: Shauna, Ryan, Jessica, Erin, Matthew 

There were many things that I had forgotten as I read through the pages [of this website]. It brought back many sad memories, but it was also fun to see pictures of people that I haven't seen for years.

Larry Richman
Salt Lake City UT

After the mission, I returned to BYU. The next summer (1977), I returned to Guatemala with David Frischknecht and helped translate the Book of Mormon into Cakchiquel. In 1978, I spent the summer in Guatemala with a group of linguists from BYU to compile dictionaries of Guatemalan languages and direct recordings of Church materials in Cakchiquel.

I live in Salt Lake City with my wife, Teri. Our four children are married. The picture below was taken in 2004.

I've worked for the Church since 1980, involved in translation, project management,, social media, and other programs of the Church. My life is what it is today in part because of many great people like you from the mission that have influenced my life for good. Thanks for your friendship, example, and all you've taught me!

Kelly Robbins
Gilbert, AZ


I married Connie Rae and raised two daughters. I now have five children and five grandchildren. They call me Grandpa Kelly. 

I attended both BYU and WSU for pre-grad work. I got into post grad with a PhD in mind. In 1985, I switched to business. I built a sales business that was very successful. My wife was diagnosed with and died from cancer in early 1996. I had the financial resources, so I took a moratorium from business after Connie died. Losing her was a dark night of the soul for me for many years.


I married Christine in late 1996 and lived in Houston for six years, spending most of my time getting educated in new things, even novel writing. Through a patchwork process, I learned IT and Website building skills and got involved in a couple of start-up businesses that didn’t work out. I like graphics and I’m getting my feet wet in some tougher programming languages. I’m writing novels, too. Hope to publish some day. I plan going to the Adizes Business School in the future.

Today I’m working night and day on my own Internet Business called The DiamondEdge Alliance with a team, and a book based on Apocrypha lore about Angels left to watch out after Adam --Science Fiction Fantasy. 

Time has passed too swiftly. I’ve missed all of you for a lot of years. Our experience together in Patzicía was a fundamentally formative experience that shaped my ‘interior’ life’s course in many ways. Love and success to all of you. Kelly Robbins 

Julio Salazar Moran

Julio graduated from BYU and returned to Guatemala to run schools in the Indian country for the Rose Foundation. Learn more about the Rose Foundation at

Steven Schmolinger
Dallas, Texas

Steve is married with five children. He was from Stockton, California and now lives in Dallas, Texas.

Greg Sansom
Holladay, UT

Greg Sansom at the reunion 28 Dec 02.

Greg and his wife Linda have four children. Greg is a dentist in Salt Lake City.

Lance Standifird
Mesa, AZ

Lance Standifird and Randy Ellsworth

Lance Standifird and Randy Ellsworth

Wife: Pamela Standifird. Children: Lance N., Brady, Lindsay, Kati, Hayley, Mallory, & Kassady

D Warnock
American Fork, Utah


D and Cindy Warnock at the reunion 28 Dec 02.

We have three sons. The oldest served a mission in Ecuador. Our daughter married an RM from Argentina--he is a gringo, and in October we became grandparents. Tyler is the cutest baby ever born. Our two youngest boys are both taller than I am. The older is a Junior at Lone Peak and the younger is a ninth-grader. 

My parents are one year into their third mission together. They served in Barcelona Spain while we built our last house and then served in Boston Mass. since then. My mother is making all of her missions Spanish-speaking, and is mad that I didn't teach her Spanish twenty five years ago when I got home.

Victoria Wheatley
Jeff and Victoria Schmidt 
Sandy, UT

Jeff and Victoria Schmidt at the reunion